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What makes a real runner? Or maybe I should ask, what does it take to make someone feel like a real runner, or to believe that they are a real runner. On the front page of this site, I advertise that I want to provide my services to all runners and I think it is important that I emphasize ALL. If running is your job, obviously you are a runner. If running is your hobby, you are a runner!

It’s not a certain number of miles per week. Or being able to race a certain distance.
If you get out there and run 3 miles, 3 times a week, you are a runner. Maybe you can only run one mile right now but you have hopes of one day going farther. You are a runner! This point was actually driven home for me during the time I spent working with Division 1 college athletes. The young women I worked with on a daily basis could race 6 kilometers at an average pace that was under 6 minutes per mile, yet they were impressed by the fact that I could run a marathon at an average pace of 9:30/mile. Trust me when I say that someone is very impressed by the fact that you can run one mile at all.

It is definitely not being able to run a certain pace.
Sure, pace matters quite a bit in the realm of professional running, but running is just like every other activity that can be both a hobby and a job. There are varying degrees of natural talent and varying degrees of interest. I was absolutely not born to run fast, but for some crazy reason I liked running and I have stuck with it for more than 20 years. Consistency has caused me to improve a little. During that time I have met other runners who are naturally so much faster than me but hate putting in the work to get any better. They could show up on any given day and kick my butt. Are we both runners? As much as those folks might annoy me, yes we are!

So then, what makes a real runner?

If you run, you are a runner.

If you want to run farther or faster, I can help you.
If you want to maintain your current pace and mileage but reduce your risk of becoming injured, I can help you.
If your running is presently stalled because you have sustained a running injury, I can most definitely help you and I can help to make sure that injury doesn’t come back again in the future!

Here I am, looking and feeling like a real runner in the summer of 2021.

2 thoughts on “A Real Runner

  1. Cristina is an amazing person and an even better clinician! She has an incredible skill set when it comes to the injury evaluation and running mechanics analysis. Her knowledge of the running world and the medical care of running athletes is truly superior.

    Personally, Cristina helped motivate/support me in my transformation from a non-active person to someone who is training for an IRONMAN.

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