Movement Screens and Corrective Exercises

When I was early in my career as an athletic trainer, I took the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Corrective Exercise Specialist Course. It laid an excellent foundation for identifying potentially problematic athletic movement patterns and determining how best to correct them.

As a special added bonus, almost all corrective exercises also make runners faster. Compensatory patterns result in wasted movement and make us less efficient.

Today I will eat a slice of humble pie and use myself as an example.

Take a look at me on the right side and my friend Earl on the left. Now take a look at my left leg and Earl’s left leg. The anatomy of my left hip has been a disadvantage for my whole life. If I am not conscientious about my corrective exercises it becomes problematic. I can have symptoms like tightness, aching, IT band symptoms, gluteal pain, etc. My running life is really a lot better when I take the small amount of time needed to do my corrective exercises. And my running photos are less embarrassing!

Without telltale photos of ourselves or a professional to help us identify our patterns, it can be hard to know where to start. Reach out to me and I will be happy to perform a movement screen for you!

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