After the Marathon

The 2022 marathon calendar is underway. The Tokyo marathon took place in early March and Boston is just over 3 weeks away. When I was preparing for my first marathon (and even 2nd and 3rd) I would read just about everything I could get my hands on to make sure I was preparing well. I carefully selected a training plan every time that promised to help me achieve my goals. I remember that as the day of my first marathon approached, I started to realize I didn’t know what to do afterwards. I knew I was going to have to recover, but for how long? Hours? Days? Weeks? I tried searching for advice in the same way I had searched for training plans. Instead of a plethora of information, I found one article. Just one. And it didn’t go very much in depth. It told me to rest one day for every mile of the race. So I assumed I was going to have to take 26 days completely off of running. Spoiler alert – I didn’t last and ran again 10 days later. That run went terribly for a lot of reasons. It wouldn’t have gone terribly if I had been able to find the correct advice. So, for you I have compiled an E-booklet of the correct advice. “After the Marathon” explains what is happening to your body when you run a marathon and how to recover intelligently so you can return to running again. (If you choose to return. And I hope you do!)

You can purchase the book here. Full disclosure, I am new to the world of selling online and I am sure that the first 2-3 people who purchase might need to reach out to me to ask me to send them the PDF.

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