SI Joint Pain

Our bodies have two sacroiliac (SI) joints, just above the coccyx (tailbone). Unlike our shoulders or elbows, SI joints don’t have a very large range of motion. They move a small amount to allow for activities like walking, running, or pitching a baseball. SI joint pain can occur if over time after lots of repetitive motion. These small rotations can add up and the two sides may not be perfectly symmetrical. We can often feel this in the form of an ache, pain or the sensation that our hips are not in the proper place.

At Superior Running Medicine, I will address this by evaluating your hips and legs to see if you are rotated. I will work with you to perform a muscle energy technique to correct the rotation and I will teach you some ways you can self correct in the future. I will also develop and stability and strengthening plan that can help minimize the occurrence of this issue.

A more serious form of SI joint pain can occur if the sacrum develops a stress fracture. Stress fractures are caused by a very high volume of training that is out of proportion to the runner’s rest and caloric intake. These injuries are often missed by healthcare professionals who don’t have experience evaluating a lot of them. If you are experiencing low back pain or a “pain in the butt” with running, I encourage seeing an athletic trainer, physical therapist or sports medicine physician.

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