“Runner’s Knee”

Runner’s Knee is the commonly used name for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). Patellofemoral is the anatomical term for the part of the knee joint where the kneecap comes in contact with the thigh bone. The phrase “Runner’s Knee” came about because it is one of the most common issues in relatively new runners or those who are significantly increasing their mileage. If you think you might be suffering from Runner’s Knee, read on to see if your symptoms match the description.

Signs and Symptoms

Typically there will not be anything visibly wrong. You should not notice any swelling or discoloration on the affected knee. It might not even be tender to the touch at all. You will likely only notice pain during a run or when taking stairs. The pain will also likely be hard to pinpoint. It may feel like it is the entire knee, or a “C” shape around the knee. This is different from patellar tendonitis which may cause your tendon to look swollen and is painful if you push on it.

So, What’s going on? And how can it be fixed?

Runner’s Knee is not a case of internal damage to your knee. It is a biomechanical issue that is likely caused by running gait or movement patterns that can be corrected! If you seek treatment for it, your clinician will first rule out other issues such as a meniscus injury.

At Superior Running Medicine, I will do a through physical exam including tests for other common knee problems. I will assess your movement during some common, easy exercises like squats and lunges and test your strength and mobility. We can also evaluate your running gait to see if that is contributing to your pain.

The Treatment

The gold standard treatment for Runner’s Knee is a therapeutic exercise (rehab) program that addresses the movement patterns that are causing excessive stress on your knee joint. If you schedule an appointment at Superior Running Medicine, we will tailor your rehab program specifically to your needs so you don’t have to waste time on exercises that are not the most beneficial to you.

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