30 Day Better Runner Challenge

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What is the Better Runner Challenge?

The Better Runner Challenge focuses on 2 of my 3 C’s of Success – Consistency and Correctives. As a participant in this challenge you will perform a baseline running fitness assessment t determine your starting point. You will then receive a movement screen and vide gait analysis. From there I will prescribe a corrective exercise plan tailored to your needs. At the end of the 30 day challenge, we will repeat the running fitness test.

If you do not live in the Twin Ports area, you can still participate in this challenge virtually. You will receive instructions for self-assessing your fitness and your movement screen can be performed via a telehealth appointment. You will not sacrifice any of the benefits that the in-person participants get!

Uncover Your Potential

Are you ready to be stronger and more efficient? Current challenge participants have seen major changes after one week in the program.

In Person Challenge – Baseline Running Fitness Assessment, Video Gait Analysis and Movement Screen, Corrective Exercise Prescription and 30 day training plan. $345

Virtual Challenge – Baseline Running Fitness Assessment, option for virtual Gait Analysis and Movement Screen, Corrective Exercise Prescription and 30 day training plan. $200

Other Features


Train in person with your teammates in the Twin Ports area or check in with your new friends on our private group social media channels.


Participants receive a weekly e-mail newsletter with information that reinforces and supports each phase of the challenge.

World Class Training

Enjoy direct access to a nationally board certified athletic trainer whose goals are your goals.

Reserve Your Spot on the Starting Line

To book your spot in the challenge, call Cristina at (218) 481-1730 or e-mail her at SuperiorRunningMedicine@gmail.com

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