Endurance Running Nutrition

Athletic trainers are experts in providing health care for active populations. Almost all of us have a master’s degree in athletic training or a closely related field. However for some concerns, like nutrition, we rely on our colleagues who are registered dietitians.  I have been receiving a lot of  nutrition related questions from my clientsContinue reading “Endurance Running Nutrition”

The Best Running Shoe For You – Part 2

At the end of my last post on finding your best running shoe, I mentioned some words you may have heard before in relation to running shoes. They were pronation, motion control, shoe drop and carbon fiber. In this post I plan to unpack each of those things a little further.  Pronation/Over Pronation Some runningContinue reading “The Best Running Shoe For You – Part 2”

What is “Good Running Form?”

If you have been running for any length of time, you have probably wondered if you are running with “correct form”. Especially if you’ve had a body part become sore or injured from running. It is a good question to ask yourself, because when we run, we take anywhere from 160-190 steps in a singleContinue reading “What is “Good Running Form?””

Optimizing Changes to Your Running

If you have ever been evaluated for a running injury in the past, the clinician treating you probably asked the question “Have you changed anything recently?” They may further question you as to whether you changed your shoe brand or model, significantly increased your mileage or took up trail running. We ask these questions becauseContinue reading “Optimizing Changes to Your Running”

What is “Scraping”? Is it Good for Runners?

One of the most popular treatment options I provide is commonly called “scraping” by the athletes who request it. The official name for scraping is “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization” (IASTM) which is definitely a mouthful. You will also hear this treatment referred to as “Graston” because the Graston Technique is one form of IASTM.Continue reading “What is “Scraping”? Is it Good for Runners?”

Where Should a Runner Seek Help When Injured? Part 4

Physical Therapists In my career as an Athletic Trainer, (AT) I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing Physical Therapists (PTs). For this post, I interviewed one of my favorite PTs, Elise Cirone. Elise is a PT and an AT. She works for Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Physical therapists are licensed healthcareContinue reading “Where Should a Runner Seek Help When Injured? Part 4”

How Long Should I Rest an Injury?

When I worked in college athletics, every year I would give a pre-season chat to go over rules and expectations. One very important thing that I tried to emphasize was: It is much easier for me to fix something small when it first begins. You might not even need time off from running. If weContinue reading “How Long Should I Rest an Injury?”