My answer is rarely “stop running.” As a distance runner myself, I know that’s the last thing you want to hear. My mission is to keep you running as safely as possible.

Conditions We Treat

Sacroiliac Pain
“Shin Splints”
Low Back Pain
Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction

Plantar Fasciitis
“Runners Knee”
IT Band Pain
Patellar Tendonitis
Ankle Sprains
Hamstring Strains

And many more…don’t see your condition on the list? Give me a call!


Injury Evaluation

There’s no need to rely on Dr. Google. I can put your mind at ease by determining the source of your pain and creating a treatment plan to get you back on the trail or road. $50

Soft Tissue Mobilization and Active Release Technique

I am trained in tool assisted massage, A.R.T. and cupping. If you come in for an injury evaluation, a combination of these will likely be a part of your plan. They can also be scheduled separately for body maintenance and injury prevention. $50

Video Gait Analysis

Would you like to run a little faster? Do you always find yourself suffering from shin splints of IT band pain when you increase mileage? I can look at your running gait and help you find small changes that will make you faster and more efficient. $75

LightSpeed Lift

Reduce stress on your bones and joints by comfortably running at a lower body weight. Or train at faster speeds with the security of the lift belt. View the video below to learn more about how LightSpeed Lift can help you achieve your goals. $15

Let’s work together to keep you running!