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I recommend Cristina for her thorough but efficient running analysis. She gave me some simple exercises and goals to enhance my running performance. Along with that she gave me some calf muscle release via scraping and other recovery ideas for after running!!

Blake P

Cristina is very thoughtful and thorough with evaluating any running related injury you might have. She will look closely at the affected area and diagnose and recommend a strategy for good healing. I highly recommend her as a practitioner

Michael N

I'm not anxious about my ankle anymore and it feels so smooth. (My golf swing has also improved because I can actually bend it!) I wouldn't have a happy working ankle today without you.

Hannah H

I highly recommend working with Superior Running Medicine... Since working with Cristina, she's helped me learn to become more aware of my running posture and has guided/taught me to take care of myself by giving me activities I can do at home to enhance my performance.

Hannah S

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Superior Running Medicine is a sports medicine center that caters to high-caliber athletes in Duluth, MN. We specialize in helping runners become the efficient athlete they've set their sights on. From helping you improve your speed to assisting through an injury, we'll give you the support you need for success.

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Are you a serious runner that's seemed to stall in seeing improvements? Has overtraining resulted in an injury? Our sports medicine center offers help for runners that includes:

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